Enjoy A Tasty Tapas Dinner & Discover A “Client-Attraction” Marketing System That Could Be A Game-Changer For Your Business!

If you’re investing money in Facebook ads that aren’t working, you need to attend this Tapas Dinner to discover HOW to fix this problem. Or if you’re investing money into ANY advertising medium & finding there’s no return, you should register for this dinner presentation. Or if your website is NOT converting – find out the easy solution at this evening event!

Here’s your chance to learn a “proven client attraction marketing system” from a marketing genius.

Even superstar, Jerry Seinfeld, says “JD is the best marketing mind I have ever met” – after John had directed his latest advertising campaign.

At this boutique dinner, you’ll discover “how simple it is” to turn on the “customer tap” – both online & offline.

This event could be “the game-changer” you’ve been looking for!




Venue:  DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel

Location:  122 Esplanade, Darwin City

Date:  Tuesday 11 June

Time:  6pm till 9pm

Registration at venue from 5.30pm

Your Opportunity To Enjoy Dinner With The Marketing Guru These Companies Have Used To Create Avalanche Leads!

Discover Both Online & Offline “Direct-Response” Tactics To Skyrocket Your Sales!

It’s your chance to get “upfront & personal” with one of the world’s leading marketing gurus! At this event, learn the secrets to attracting masses of “new clients” to your products or services!!

This event is perfect for you if you own either “an online business” or a “bricks & mortar” entity. John will be showcasing a unique marketing formula for ONLINE & OFFLINE businesses, demonstrating “how” you can attract traffic & enjoy “crazy” conversions!
JD is used to pulling off “the impossible!”
Jerry invited JD to brainstorm ideas in his New York office.
JD is asked to speak at Conventions for all types of industries.

Discover JD’s Facebook Ad Formula. That Has Produced Avalanche Leads For Other Businesses.

Whilst you’re enjoying a nice meal & wine, JD will showcase his winning “2 Step Sell” Facebook Advertising System – a recipe that has helped other businesses achieve record sales FAST.

One company enjoyed 6 months worth of leads after just 5 days of Facebook advertising.

It’s a formula you can swipe & use for your products or services the next day.


Okay, maybe your business has been going along fine – but your sales have somewhat “flat-lined” in recent times & you’re just not sure what to do about it?

Well good news, as this Tapas Dinner event will give you exposure to a whole “NEW way” of attracting leads & improving conversions!

Here’s some of the tips you’ll get at the dinner.

  • How to fix your website so that you’ve got a “website that sells.” This will be one of the most important “take-outs” you’ll enjoy during this presentation! You’ll know how to turn your website into a 24/7 sales machine so that you are converting visitors into “sales!”
  • How to drive traffic to your website & how to use “social media” so that it actually MAKES MONEY for you!!
  • Adding simple “value-add” offers to your marketing messages.
  • How to exploit the 80/20 rule and find more customers like your most profitable ones.
  • How to increase your prices and never consider price discounts by themselves.
  • Signage and how you can use it to instantly build sales. (You will see good signs and bad signs and know what to do and what not to do!)
  • How to get free publicity in the media for your products or services – yes, FREE!
  • How to easily collect a database both online and offline – and then what to do with it to make extraordinary increases in your sales.
  • How to build repetitive traffic rather than just a one hit wonder.
  • The types of “wow factors” that never fail!
  • Headlines that literally make people ‘rush’ to phone you or visit your website!
  • Online marketing secrets that can attract more customers to your website than you can possibly handle!
  • The power of client testimonials and how to capture them.
  • Killer layouts for your print advertising and website pages – proven formats which will increase your response rates.
  • Ways of creating urgency in your marketing, so that you stimulate consumer reaction today!
  • The power of storytelling.
  • Why the word FREE is one of the most powerful words in the English language and should be part of your ongoing marketing plan.
  • How to take consumers eyes off the price and onto the value.
  • The “dynamite influence” of a powerful spokesperson.
  • Motivating staff – Disney style.
  • Sponsorships and which ones you should look for.
  • Quick and cheap ways of conducting research amongst your customer base and prospects – so that you can target your marketing more effectively.
  • Why most businesses don’t do “wow” – demonstrating to you why you have an unbelievable chance to stand out and capture a disproportion of market share.
  • Why you should go duck shooting in the duck season.
  • Why theming can help you explode sales.
  • Brand and product extension ideas, showing you how you can make more money by having complimentary products or even bundling current ones.
  • Instant and easy joint ventures and how this can bring in tons of extra cash.
  • How you can giveaway huge prizes like $250,000, $500,000 or even one million dollars and only outlay a few thousand dollars for the privilege!
  • And the list goes on and on and on…


The entire marketing and advertising world was STUNNED when John scored worldwide comic superstar Jerry Seinfeld to be the face of the Greater Building Society marketing campaign.

What you’re about to read is possibly Australia’s greatest advertising coup in the last 20 years!

Truth be told, Jerry knocks back dozens of requests every single week. In fact, he’d only previously been involved in two other marketing campaigns… Microsoft and American Express.

And now… thanks to John Dwyer… Jerry Seinfeld came out of retirement to be the spokesperson for “The Greater Building Society”.

Here’s how it happened…

John advised the Greater that they should consider a “high-profile-global personality” – so they did some research and made a wish-list. At the top of the list, was Jerry Seinfeld, so JD put his WOW FACTOR philosophy into action and contacted Jerry’s agents.

Simply put, they loved John’s WOW FACTOR creative ideas for the campaign and said YES!

The idea was to simply let Jerry weave his iconic humour into their customer testimonials and benefits. John also invited Jerry to be personally involved in the creation of the TV and radio scripts… and to their amazement… he accepted.

The result of Jerry’s involvement was that the Building Society TRIPLED its home loan market share within 24 months – without ever advertising an “interest rate” would you believe!

How would you like to TRIPLE your market share without once mentioning your PRICE!

You’ll learn HOW at this special dinner.

“Even Jerry Says JD Is The Best Marketing Person He Has Ever Worked With!!”




Venue:  DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel

Location:  122 Esplanade, Darwin City

Date:  Tuesday 11 June

Time:  6pm till 9pm

Registration at venue from 5.30pm


Michelle Falzon – Events Planner
Only One Word To Describe The Event……WOW! It’s Fun & Highly Educational In Ways To Grow Your Business!

Sue Benson – Psychologist
I Really Enjoyed His Cheeky Style & The Fun Workshops – Makes Things So Much Easier To Learn
Michael Davey – Amazing Cleaning
This Is Really Good Stuff That You Haven’t Heard Before – & Can Implement Tomorrow In Your Business

Ecstatic Business Owners Who Have Experienced “THE WOW FACTOR!”

“The figures speak for themselves.

Before we became part of John’s “wow environment”, our annual profit was about $120,000 a year.

Within 18 months of being involved with John’s coaching ideas, our profit within 18 months, grew to an annual rate of $440,000 a year!

That increased the value of our business fourfold – an outstanding result!

His system is applicable to any business-type.

– Steve Fenton
Cafe St Tropez,
Gold Coast. Australia

John’s ideas are simply inspiring, they are very different and he thinks way outside the square. He provides practical “client attraction” solutions that get results.

And the great thing is that he has created “marketing formulas” that are easy to swipe and use for your own business. In other words, any business owner can grab these concepts and use them to attract new clients.

Make no mistake, John’s ideas will help you “cut through the clutter” and any business owner can benefit by getting hold of his wisdom.”

– Lisa Taylor
Newcastle Knights Rugby League Club. NSW. Australia
“Our sauna massage business has improved leaps & bounds since we invested in John’s advice. His “client attraction system” is incredible – we’ve followed his formula & the results have been “instantaneous!”

We wish we had come across his marketing wizardry years ago – but we’re sure glad we’ve now found him.

His ideas are just brilliant & his “direct response” concepts mean that we can turn “the customer tap” on whenever we want. His stuff is an invaluable resource for any business owner.” A very nice problem to have I can assure you!”

– Natalie Kernke
Vibrosaun Sauna Massage. Qld. Australia


“The Netflix Revenue System!”

At this “once-only” event, learn HOW you can benefit from implementing the “Netflix-Style Revenue Model” in your business!

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the peace-of-mind of “predictable” monthly income!

Possibly The Most Valuable “Complimentary” Dinner Invitation You’ll Ever Receive

You might think such a statement is “a big call” – but this marketing guru has a history of changing fortunes for businesses.

His thinking is “way outside the box” & his ability to devise brilliant “direct response” style marketing campaigns is unmatched.

This is a once-only opportunity to have dinner with a “marketing expert” who has the runs on the board.




Venue:  DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel

Location:  122 Esplanade, Darwin City

Date:  Tuesday 11 June

Time:  6pm till 9pm

Registration at venue from 5.30pm

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International: +61 7 3622 6413
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