Here’s your chance to learn a “proven client attraction marketing system” from a marketing genius.

Even superstar, Jerry Seinfeld, says “JD is the best marketing mind I have ever met” – after John had directed his latest advertising campaign.

At this event, you’ll discover “how simple it is” to turn on the “customer tap” – both online & offline. This event could be “the game-changer” you’ve been looking for!

And if your Facebook Ads have been failing, don’t stress – you’re going to walk away with knowledge of how to make them work!

Normally $97

For Limited Time

GOLD COAST – Tuesday 24th July


BRISBANE – Wednesday 25th July


SYDNEY – Thursday 26th July


MELBOURNE – Friday 27th July


FOREST HILL – Saturday 28th July




If you’re a business owner, here’s a unique opportunity to learn insanely clever “direct-marketing” tactics from one of the best marketers on the planet.

Australia’s leading marketing expert, John Dwyer, will be showing you “how to attract more clients” for your products or services!

This guy is a “marketing legend” – Jerry Seinfeld trusted his brand to John in his most recent advertising campaign!


Throughout the years, I have been asked to speak at various business events and upon finishing my presentations, I have usually been inundated with requests from business owners to assist them with lifting sales.

Trouble was that there are only so many hours in a day and given that my larger clients were paying me larger sums of money, it was always difficult for me to set time aside for other businesses.

(Pretty understandable I’m sure you agree.) However, given the weight of SME enquiries that I have been receiving over the last few years, I decided to create a way that I could offer my wow factor marketing advice to any size business in an affordable fashion.

And that’s how these Client Attraction Events came about.

I decided that the best way to provide my brainpower to businesses was to have seminars and teach owners how to wow factor their businesses, providing attendees with valuable ideas that can catapult their sales to new levels.

The event is loaded with powerful techniques for increasing business sales, both via traditional means and the internet.

So you can be sure that both offline and online marketing tips for your business will be coming thick and fast throughout the presentation.

And if at the end of the evening, attendees wanted to “get more of this wow factor stuff” for their business, they can simply express their interest.

Don’t worry, this is NOT a typical “seminar/workshop” with lots of “pitching” & invitations to “run to the back of the room”.

I come from a “corporate background”, NOT a “hyped-up” seminar speaker background.

My whole intention of delivering such presentations to business owners is simply to “SAMPLE” my proven marketing system – & if they like what they see, they know where to get help.

Plain & simple – & NO hype!

I look forward to seeing you at this very special evening event.

Kind Regards,
John Dwyer

Watch the video below to learn what incredible “client attraction ideas” you’re going to be exposed to on the night!

John explains “why” you can’t afford to miss this event – just one of his marketing ideas could change your business forever!



John has provided his marketing wizardry to the likes of Westfield, Channel 9, McDonald’s, 7 Eleven, KFC, the Greater Building Society & Madura Tea.

He is a marketing Guru with no equal and his recent advertising campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld, tripled a bank’s “home loan market share” in a matter of months!

Make no mistake, this guy has a proven system of attracting new customers to any business, online or off-line – so this is one evening event you absolutely don’t want to miss!

If you’re like many other business owners & frustrated with pouring money into Facebook “pay per click” ads & getting no return, this event is for you!!

John will be showcasing his “proven formula” for getting a great response from such ads.

He’ll showcase real “case studies” where business owners have followed his system & enjoyed extraordinary returns on their investment.

And the great thing is they now have “a predictable Facebook Advertising model” – where they can turn on “the new customer tap” whenever they want to!

Imagine having THAT luxury for your business!

One of John’s clients followed his formula & increased the Facebook ad clicks from 4,000 a week to 95,000 a week – due to a simple, but electrifying technique that John will be showcasing.

You’ll Also Learn:

  • How to fix your website so that you’ve got a “website that sells.” This will be one of the most important “take-outs” you’ll enjoy during this presentation! You’ll know how to turn your website into a 24/7 sales machine so that you are converting visitors into “sales!”
  • How to drive traffic to your website & how to use “social media” so that it actually MAKES MONEY for you!!
  • Adding simple “value-add” offers to your marketing messages.
  • How to exploit the 80/20 rule and find more customers like your most profitable ones.
  • How to increase your prices and never consider price discounts by themselves.
  • Signage and how you can use it to instantly build sales. (You will see good signs and bad signs and know what to do and what not to do!)
  • How to get free publicity in the media for your products or services – yes, FREE!
  • How to easily collect a database both online and offline – and then what to do with it to make extraordinary increases in your sales.
  • How to build repetitive traffic rather than just a one hit wonder.
  • The types of “wow factors” that never fail!
  • Headlines that literally make people ‘rush’ to phone you or visit your website!
  • Online marketing secrets that can attract more customers to your website than you can possibly handle!
  • The power of client testimonials and how to capture them.
  • Killer layouts for your print advertising and website pages – proven formats which will increase your response rates.
  • Ways of creating urgency in your marketing, so that you stimulate consumer reaction today!
  • The power of storytelling.
  • Why the word FREE is one of the most powerful words in the English language and should be part of your ongoing marketing plan.
  • How to take consumers eyes off the price and onto the value.
  • The “dynamite influence” of a powerful spokesperson.
  • Motivating staff – Disney style.
  • Sponsorships and which ones you should look for.
  • Quick and cheap ways of conducting research amongst your customer base and prospects – so that you can target your marketing more effectively.
  • Why most businesses don’t do “wow” – demonstrating to you why you have an unbelievable chance to stand out and capture a disproportion of market share.
  • Why you should go duck shooting in the duck season.
  • Why theming can help you explode sales.
  • Brand and product extension ideas, showing you how you can make more money by having complimentary products or even bundling current ones.
  • Instant and easy joint ventures and how this can bring in tons of extra cash.
  • How you can giveaway huge prizes like $250,000, $500,000 or even one million dollars and only outlay a few thousand dollars for the privilege!
  • And the list goes on and on and on………


The fact is that 90% of business websites are a waste of time.
They’re “information heavy” instead of being “sales driven”.

There are 5 vital components that every company’s homepage needs & JD will be showing you this formula during the event.

It’s worth coming JUST for this!

Watch the short video above to see how quickly JD transforms websites!


This Opal Mine Tour website was “bland” to say the least! As a result, the tour only attracted “seniors” (grey nomads).
JD’s “adventure-themed” website makeover “widened the funnel” & the mine immediately started attracting “families!”

And of course, a stampede of extra customers means a skyrocketing of “revenue” – which made the owner of THIS business very happy indeed.

Amazing how “the right WOW” can make all the difference!

Remember, your “website” is now your “Director Of First Impressions!”

Meet the man who made history and got

Jerry Seinfield

Out of Retirement!

The entire marketing and advertising world were STUNNED when John Dwyer scored worldwide comic superstar Jerry Seinfeld to be the face of the Greater Building Society marketing campaign.

It is possibly Australia’s greatest advertising coup in the last 20 years!

Truth be told, Jerry knocks back dozens of requests every single week. In fact, he’d only previously been involved in two other marketing campaigns… Microsoft and American Express.

And now… thanks to John Dwyer… Jerry Seinfeld came out of retirement to be the spokesperson for “The Greater Building Society”.

Here’s how it happened…

John advised they need a “high-profile-global personality” – so they did some research and made a wish-list. At the top of the list, was Jerry Seinfeld, so JD put his WOW FACTOR philosophy into action and contacted Jerry’s agent.

Simply put, they loved John’s WOW FACTOR creative ideas for the campaign and said YES!

The idea was to simply let Jerry weave his iconic humour into their customer testimonials and benefits. John also invited Jerry to be personally involved in the creation of the TV and radio scripts… and to their amazement… he accepted.

The results of JD’s Seinfeld campaign were beyond everyone’s expectations!

The society TRIPLED its home loan market share in just the first 24 months of its launch!

At this exclusive dinner, you’ll learn “how” the clever use of a celebrity could possibly do the same thing for YOUR business.

And you’ll also learn “how” to score such “celebrity endorsers” for much less than you thought possible.

Maybe the likes of Jerry Seinfeld are off your radar, but you’ll be surprised “how affordable” some “big names” are – & JD will reveal his “formula” for getting their attention.

Seinfeld/Greater TV ad

One of the many Seinfeld TV ads John created for the Greater Building Society
– a campaign that smashed home loan records for the financial institution!


Jerry takes the mickey out of JD with his fake compliment!

Watch the videos below to see the rave reviews JD
gets from attendees of his events!

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

To Network With Other Business Owners & Walk Away With Invaluable “Client Attraction Marketing Ideas” That Have Been Proven To Work!

Opportunities like this come up once in a blue moon – so don’t miss your chance to learn PROVEN ways of attracting new clients.

We only have limited seating for this exclusive event, so confirm your attendance NOW.

John is a much sought-after presenter for major convention events around Australia & overseas – so if you think your business needs an adrenaline-boost, don’t miss this “once-only” opportunity to learn from his marketing wisdom!

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